Will Trade: Gun for Fishing Pole

Coming to terms that we can’t legally travel across most international waters and enter into other countries with a weapon on Pepper became our reality this week. Trent carried a Keltec PF 9 pistol for the last several years and we brought it along with plans to dump it before leaving the country. It’s now or never!

Of course we didn’t ever have to use the gun; it was totally a comfort measure. Mobile was pretty sketchy though. Hell, the side view mirror of the Suburban got cut off one night while we were sound asleep on Pepper. People were always getting things stolen off their boats too. It was a rough crowed to say the least but now we’ve got other, completely unconventional, methods of protection. It’s important because I mean, the police can’t run out to your boat when you’re out in the middle of nowhere. You can’t just pick up the phone and call 911 when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

It was my idea to try and trade in the gun for a fishing pole and Trent thought it was a long shot but I convinced him to check it out with me. I located a pawn shop less about 5 miles from our anchorage. At the first sign of good weather we threw in the dinghy, loaded up the bikes and headed to shore. There was a small list of things we were in the market for that included: rain boots for myself, a wetsuit for him, a lightweight rod and reel and an additional heavy reel.

I never in my wildest dreams thought Trent would be able to trade a gun for fishing garb but without much hesitation, he did it. We carefully sifted through a room full of fishing supplies and narrowed it down to asking to trade the gun in for a really nice lightweight rod and reel, a heavy Penn reel, a fighting belt (to give Mike & Gigi) and extra lures. Trent even found a wetsuit that fit! There weren’t but 3 to choose from. Kismet!

Call us crazy for trading the gun (people have) but both parties felt like they got a good deal and that’s all that matters in the end. It was certainly a win – win. Now, I’d absolutely love to dive into an in depth discussion of those “unconventional” methods of protection aboard Pepper but Trent prefers that I don’t broadcast all of our secrets onto the internet. He’s probably right too. I will, however, admit that Trent’s Dad, Steve, did some research and mailed us a cleaver little protection goody bag. Let’s just say, I feel as safe as ever with the new, completely legal, weapons. Wink, wink!


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  1. Tammy Dwyer

    Hey Monica & Trent! Just tuned in and caught up! You guys are doing great!!! We’ve got Reprise (soon to be Ohana) on the hard having some work done (Turner Marina) and will hopefully be back in the water soon and start spending more time sailing. I am working on preparing our cruising plans/lists and would LOVE to hear about some of the things you guys decided on for security. Great trade BTW!

    • Monica

      Well hey there! Good to hear from you and glad you’re still following! We miss our friends at Turner. Check your inbox in a few minutes and I will email you our secret solutions. Glad to help!

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