We Liveaboard

We Liveaboard

That’s right, we liveaboard! After hitting a huge tropical storm in Houston it took us a couple extra hours to get to Mobile, Alabama. Wiped out, we unloaded a couple of things, set up the AC unit and crashed out in the V berth. There’s so much to do. We’ve been here a few days now and still haven’t completely unpacked the Suburban. It’s not like moving into a house. If we had moved into a house we’d simply throw everything inside and sort through it at our leisure. The space is extremely limited compared to where we came from. We thought we downsized enough back in Texas. But, as we unpack boxes on the boat we are sorting through it yet again.

Day one, we got the galley set up. Day two, we unpacked our clothes. The closet is about a foot and a half wide with two racks and there are three drawers in the dresser. That’s it. There are little nooks and crannies of spaces everywhere and figuring out how to utilize them is time consuming. Today I did the bathroom and Trent’s been working on installing some new navigation gear. Did I mention that it’s overwhelming? There aren’t a lot of big projects that we have to do on Pepper.

We’re mostly working on upgrades and making it ours. The head (bathroom) won’t be fully functional until next week when the parts arrive. We are going to try to track down the sail maker on Monday to make a few improvements there and the engine mechanic is coming next week to install a new part. We’re extremely motivated to get things done and Turner Marine is the perfect locale, besides the weather, because there’s nothing to do here except work on your boat. Mobile has had some record breaking heat this week. No kidding. We finally get to go and it’s sweltering. It was a good call on Trent’s part to bring a portable AC that cools us down to around 89 degrees inside during the heat of the day.

Let me talk about our new, temporary, liveaboard neighbors. Everyone is just so nice. This place is a real community. Trent climbed the neighbor’s mast this morning to help them out and Jim has been here all afternoon helping us install the navigation gear.

We work, sweat, eat, sleep and repeat. Once we get the boat in order we’ll loop around to Florida, hit the Keyes, Bahamas and keep going. It’s hard to keep that in mind when there’s so much to do. One day at a time.

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