Virgin Islands: That’s a Wrap!

Virgin Islands: That’s a Wrap!


A nice, no filter, Panoramic that Monica captured from the top of a bolder at Fallen Jerusalem. She wants to frame it one day.

Hello it’s Trent here. I would like to thank everyone who spends time reading this blog and also thanks to Monica for doing such a great job keeping it going! We have had an awesome month and a half here in the Virgin Islands. It really has been a treat. The water is great, the beaches are beautiful and the snorkeling has been excellent. The company has also been fantastic as we have been tagging along with Vagabond and randomly running into Aqua Vida the whole time down here. It seems that everyone (including me) has had family and friends come down to visit while we are here in the Virgins. Captain Dan (Vagabond) has had 2 sets of guests, while his daughter is here to stay awhile, Aqua Vida has also been keeping busy entertaining friends and family, and of course my whole family flew over to St. Thomas. It’s really a no brainer to have visitors in the Virgins, as it is the easiest sailing ever. After the long trip down here it is so very nice to do short trips, island hopping around in beautiful deep water. If you get tired of a beach or spot, in about one hour you can be in a whole new area. Monica has done an excellent job captaining and navigating us through these islands. She really put in a lot of time and effort into making sure we all had the best experience.


We did about 2 hours of climbing and crawling in and out of the boulders and followed that up by a snorkel under and around the boulders. What a perfect day!


Action shot!


Fallen Jerusalem is an island over from the famous Baths on Virgin Gorda, minus the chaos from hordes of tourists and charter boats. This is Monica and Lindsay (Dan’s daughter).


Captain Monica on her way to Fallen Jerusalem. We were rippin’ along trying to beat Vagabond.

Anyways, Dan and Monica have been meal planning together and it has been working out great. There has been no shortage of wonderful meals and being split up between two boats the work has been minimal. Back in Road Harbour they got the meal plan drawn up and then we all provisioned together. You buy this, I’ll buy that kind of thing. It helped as were were rafted up together. We had never done this before, but it was an extremely crowded anchorage and nowhere else to go unless to another bay. Vagabond had somehow snagged a good spot and then suggested we tie up to their starboard side and we did. It was really fun being able to just jump over and be aboard another boat and not have to dinghy back and forth. The next day, Aqua Vida was inbound to Road Harbor and Dan generously told them to raft up on the other side of Vagabond. So there we were, 3 boats rafted up like we were one giant yacht. I think Kaylee (the young girl aboard Aqua Vida who we really love) enjoyed it the most as she could run between all the boats and see what everyone was up to. Today is her birthday as a matter of fact and they are due to come into Leverick Bay and anchor with us to celebrate. Kaylee is turning 8 and we dug though the boat finding goodies to give her for her special day. It’s hard to come up with gifts for children out here but when it’s a child’s birthday everyone comes together. We pulled together a recycled Costco peanut can and filled it with treats like snickers bars and fig newtons, threw in a flash drive with some movies, along with a recycled card for her. Monica water colored the outside of the can and I must say it’s a very lovely gift!


Buddy boats! Pepper, Vagabond & Aqua Vida


This is when we rafted to Vagabond while at Inner Harbour in Tortola. We anchored by dropping the anchor into the dinghy and driving the anchor out just as a precaution in case of a storm.

It has been awesome here but I must admit I really enjoy the traveling aspect of this boat thing and I am ready to move on to the next place. So next on the list is to start keeping an eye on the weather in order to hop over to St. Maarten. It is an overnight trip but it is the last leg of this journey that is due east. As you may know the wind is very consistent 20 mph out of the east all the time here this part of the year. So you wait till there is a change and run across to St. Maarten. After that we continue south toward Grenada to spend some time on the boat getting it ready for its next big adventure, which I believe will be the Panama Canal.


Of course, Monica went back to her roots and volunteered to help with boat registration at the Poker Run at Leverick Bay Marina. Boats run all over the Virgin Islands to collect their hand of 5 cards ($250 per hand) and end up at a big party here at headquarters.


Dan and Kaylee look like they’re ready to feed the Tarpon at Saba Rock.


Believe it or not, that a flying flock of pink flamingos! What a surprise seeing that was while at Saba Rock. They flew like geese and weaved back and forth over us as a crowd gathered along the dock too see it for themselves. Each time they turned the flock turned bright pink. Incredible. It was the craziest thing to see wild flamingos!


Kaylee found herself a little ride upon my paddleboard in the North South at Virgin Gorda. Now that was a challenge!


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  1. Diane Jicha

    Still in awe of Monica swimming around Sandy key…with no flippers! Stunningly beautiful.
    Saw you guys ar Norman Island, Willie T’s, and the hike to Money Bay. hope you got bit as bad as we did…. Haha…..The Californians

  2. Marc bennett

    Love the shot of the three of you rafter up together. Thanks for blogging Trent. Good to get your perspective. What a great adventure you two are on. Thanks for keeping us posted so we can live vicariously through you 😎

  3. AquaVida

    We miss you too Sailacious!!
    Great post Trent and we can’t thank you all enough for how special you made Kaylee’s birthday. It was beyond anything we could have planned or wished for.
    I borrowed your rafting photo for our blog, with photo cred of course! That was fun and made socializing so much easier 🙂

  4. Mike Tadlock

    We MISS both of you a lot, but we are so glad y’all are having fun!! We are still in The Marshall Islands and will probably be here for at least another year. We are in Korea now and then on the way to Thailand for a few weeks of vacation.

  5. Sailacious

    We miss you a lot guys! Hope to see you somewhere around beautiful Caribbean islands next season;) Say Hi to Dan and all Aqua Vida please. Petra and Lukas xxx

  6. Tracy Curran

    So great meeting both of you in Leverick Bay during the BVI Poker Run! Monica, thanks so much for helping the gals with registration! Hopefully, our paths will cross again!
    Smooth sailing!
    Tracy & Chris Curran

  7. Steve

    Trent good job on the blog. Monica congratulations on you upgrade to Captain of Pepper! WOW! You are something! Have a great time there. Trent keep the blog going. Dad

  8. Mike

    Great post, Trent! You have captured the spirit of the Virgin Islands quite well. Where are you based while waiting for your weather window? There is a little rum distillery called Arundel in Cane Garden Bay on Tortola that you should visit if you have time. Fair winds.

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