The Mona Passage

The Mona Passage

Weather, weather, weather, always waiting on weather! Our patience certainly paid off this time because I’m pretty sure we broke some kind of record crossing the precarious Mona Passage. We practically flew from Samana, Dominican Republic to Boqueron, Puerto Rico in 28 hours. Plus Pepper sailed most of the way!


This pretty much sums up the Mona Passage.

I hated to say goodbye to the Dominican Republic because we spent our last week in the lap of luxury at a marina resort. We had access to indoor (still not hot water) showers, multiple swimming pools and even a game room. We made friends with a big hearted group of condo owners at the resort who very generously set Pepper up in their slip, free of charge. They also kindly loaded up our tiny empty freezer with meat and restocked us with fresh produce, leftovers from the gourmet dinner they shared with us and bakery fresh desserts. We promised our new friends that we’d pay it forward. You can see why it was hard leaving the DR.
Trent’s father, Steve, recently flew into the DR to crew on Vagabond. There’s room for Steve on Pepper but our new bestie that we bonded with in the Exumas, Captain Dan, was short on crew and Steve was up for an adventure. The rest of the Armstrongs will join us somewhere in the U.S. Virgin Islands in the coming weeks. I can’t wait! Steve’s been keeping us all plenty entertained by treating us to meals and happy hours off the boat.
Now that we’re back in the land of green backs again we don’t have to worry about always trying to figure out the exchange rate or having to hunt down an ATM. Things are slightly more expensive in Puerto Rico when compared to Dominican Republic but does not even close to the cost of things in the Bahamas or Turks and Caicos. I admit that we are really looking forward to picking up some things at Walmart and being able to re-provision at Costco. I started a shopping list months ago. We’re still good on snacks, canned and dry goods but there are 5 things that we wished we had brought more of that we’re prepared to stock up on again, namely beer, cheese, chips, dried fruit and…chocolate.
Since leaving Georgetown our passages have been anything but small. Now we can once again easily skip along the coast of Puerto Rico because there are plenty of good anchorages. I’ve surprisingly had a hard time finding wifi in this American owned country. The Virgin Islands are just around the corner, oh my gosh!!!

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  1. Mike

    Awesome, you have made it to Puerto Rico! We’ve been wondering about you with no recent updates. We are still anchored off the Chat ‘n Chill while our genset alternator has flown to Nassau for rest and repair. Marc is assisting stateside by contacting Onan to see about a new alternator replacement. We are so ready to leave, yet have to admit that we could be stuck someplace worse than in the Bahamas.

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