Shark Week

Shark Week

Bimini had gorgeous turquoise, white sands beaches that we enjoyed all to ourselves. It felt like we just went on vacation for a few days and is hard to believe this is life, for a while. The coolest part about it though was when we met up with a production crew from the Discovery Channel. Guess what they were filming? Sharks….for SHARK WEEK!

On their last day of filming, we were able to hang out with them for a little fun. They graciously invited us into the cages to watch the Sharks feed but we abstained and instead chopped up fish scraps and chummed them up so the crew could enjoy a close encounter. Even at that I felt like we were too close for comfort. They were all 7-8 foot long bull sharks and due to the clarity of the water the detail was incredible! It gets better though. The crew graciously shared their research with us and why they’re specifically filming bull sharks in Bimini.


Splish splash I was takin’ a bull shark bath!

We helped the crew pack up dozens of these pvc like poles each containing little card deck sized magnets, all of different strengths. They’d line the poles up several feet from the side of the dock and throw bloody, smelly scraps in the water just between the poles and dock. The bulls, who are used to being fed to at this time, would b-line towards the scraps and turn off sharply just before reaching the poles. There was plenty of room for them to pass through and feed but something about the magnets completely deterred them. I’ve never seen anything like it. Something so simple could save so many limbs and lives! I imagine if their research continues to hold up that your favorite public beaches will be shark protected, via magnets, in just a few years. You could swim day or night and not have to worry about being attacked. Bull shark proof magnets, check. They have a few more tests to run on other sharks. Look for the episode late this summer during shark week and think of us.


This guy (tv host) had his arm and leg taken by a bull while in the military. He can’t quit sharks!

We just arrived in Nassau today and are anchored in the West Bay after a beautiful day of sailing from Chub Cay. We immediately threw in the dinghy and explored the park. We zeroed in on a snorkel park and plan to spend tomorrow in the water. The map says there’s even a submerged plane. Can’t wait!

Internet has been hard to come by or I’d be telling you all our tales but we’re here for a few days so more adventues to come. I couldn’t even get my other pictures to upload. Thanks for hanging!


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  1. Flo & David Vannoy

    What an amazing experience !!! We watch Shark week but you got to see the “behind the scenes”….. Awesome. Wishing you safe travels. Big hugs,

    • Monica

      We took your Josh bottle of wine to the beach the other day for a bon fire. It was so perfect we wish we could have shared it with you two! Thanks for the memories!

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