We had an awesome afternoon with 7 hours of good wind under our wings! The beautiful Reprise is an older West Sail 32′.

Tate has become a good friend and is as well a respected sailor in this community. We were lucky enough to be invited aboard to learn a few tricks of the sea from a guy like this. I learned to steer with a tiller. Those things are completely backwards! So that was interesting. If you want to go right you move the tiller to the left. You can steer from numerous positions including, standing on the deck with one leg on the tiller, standing/sitting next to the tiller using your hand, or my favorite, especially being a girl, is standing with the tiller between your legs, which was easiest if you were fighting the wind.

It was just a fun day. We went through numerous “what if” seniors and of course, how to catch the most wind. Tate told me to go as fast as I could, so I did, and I could get us going a little over 6 knots. We were flyin’! He didn’t tell me, specifically, to stay headed in any certain direction…so our trip was extended until he caught on. Hey, I was just doing as told. Tate got a good laugh out of it.

Towards the end of the day we ended up smack dab in the middle of the Thursday night races. I joked that Reprise is more than just a pretty face. She wanted to go fast too. Anyways, the sunset on the water with all those sails around us was like a picture in a calendar.

Monica learning to steer using the tiller.
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