A Long Day on Long Island

A Long Day on Long Island

Two nights at Long Island was plenty of time to learn some new trades from new friends on Zingara. Those folks wore us kiddos out! We started at 8AM in the water hunting down some dinner. I towed the dinghy (with the rope over my shoulder and snorkel down) and trailed the boys around for several hours taking note on how to procure a lobster. Those suckers are hard to find!

There were two lobster hunting methods in play: the first involved a spear gun and the second utilized a plain jane stick and fishing net. I saw both techniques and here’s what I think. You have to get right up on the lobster to use the spear gun because they’re not that big but they do however have super thick shells. Trent shot one and he jerked himself off in two seconds. Steve had already scared this particular lobster out of his hidey hole with a stick. Once off the spear Steve scooped him up in the fishing net and I brought over the dinghy. Bingo. That’s how it’s done. Net and stick are the proven, reliable method of my choice. Scare it out and scoop it up. It would be quite difficult to spear a lobster that’s under a ledge, where they like to hide and live. Without hesitation, Steve guided us through cleaning lobster too. Nice guy!


He threw him in my face as I was taking the picture, trying to scare me. It’s going to take a lot more than a lobster with no claws to get me going!

Not more than half a hour later we met Steve and his wife on shore with our bicycles. I would have brought water along had I known we’d be doing 20 miles but it was well worth it because we learned about harvesting coconuts. I picked up 4 good looking ones pretty easily and was then told they needed to be shucked. The island has been hit so many times by storms and hurricanes that it was easy to find an old foundation with some barbs sticking out of it, to use for shucking of course. Neither of us had the slightest clue on how to harvest a coconut. I don’t think I’ve even ever tasted fresh coconut.


Using the rebar in the foundation to loosen the shells.


Shucking coconuts! This could be a WOD.

The four of us struggled to shuck 6 coconuts for approximately half an hour. We were sweating buckets! We accidentally broke 2 coconuts open and snacked on them mid-way through the shucking. The milk drained out of one of them immediately (shucks!) but the other we could salvage and it tasted pretty darn good. You have to pound them into the barbs to loosen the thick wooden shell surrounding the nut where the fruit is and then peel that back like corn on the cob, only it’s like peeling back wood instead of soft leaves like corn. I have a new found appreciation for coconuts, amongst many other things that living on a boat has taught me.


Pepper at anchor on Long Island. She loves swimming pools as much as I do!

Long Island is just stunning and coral reefs aren’t hard to find either. I just love everything about it. The marina had a great happy hour with free conch fritters and, bonus, we ran into some old friends on Vagabond. We had dinner aboard with them. It was a long day on Long Island. I had to!

Today we did a dead calm motor trip to Rum Cay for the night. We swam around the boat to cool off before the sunset. Our neighbors caught mahi today and we struck out, so we threw in a luer on anchor and snagged 2 jack crevalles just for fun. They’re such little fighters! Tomorrow we’ll do an overnighter to Mayaguana. Trent rigged up some new lures this afternoon so we’re all ready to go for tomorrow and hopefully we get some fresh fish!


This is how we cool off. You can’t resist getting in!


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  1. Marc bennett

    I remember telling you 6 months ago when you were tired, miserably hot & sweaty, that soon you would just be able to jump overboard and cool off in beautiful blue water…..you made it!!

  2. Matt

    I was just thinking how you’re gonna have one huge and epicly awesome photo album scrapbook to make after this. And then I laughed…because youre making a highly detailed public scrap book as you go! Thanks again for putting in the time to make this blog for everyone 😀

  3. Ben Moore

    Okay can’t resist. Trent shot one and he jerked himself off in 2 seconds. That’s funny I don’t care who you are. Sounds like an awesome day. 😎

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