Last Days as Landlubbers

HE works in mysterious ways. We couldn’t have planned all this to fall into place the way it happened. This is what our last few days as landlubbers was like.

The heli finally sold about three weeks ago and we had been told that the place we were renting was about to expire because it was being leased out. With a heavy heart, I had also decided it was time for me to leave my job after 8 years, for a number of reasons. It was just time. We made nice with my family too. Without going into details, that was a big big big deal.

So here we sit in Pat Schnee’s house for the last few days trying to tie up some loose ends in town. We’re moving aboard tomorrow. I met Pat several months ago when I decided to pick up another job working in the tasting room at 4.0 Cellars. Instant friends, Pat was willing to help however she could. We needed a place to crash for a few days and she generously welcomed us.

Our dog, Shiner, the sweetest golden retriever you’ll ever meet, has also fallen in love with Pat. She has graciously agreed to keep him for a few weeks until we figure out his forever home. She’s been a blessing. Still cleaning out all our crap, significantly minimized by now, Trent’s been loading the Suburban up quite strategically. He sold his truck last week. I actually sold my Jetta while Trent was moving the boat up from Marathon. He and his dad found the Suburban at a repo lot and Trent drove it home for me.

You don’t realize you have so much stuff until you have to get rid of all of it. One thing after another, after another, but this day has finally come. The last few weeks have been nothing but fun parties, lunches, dinners, and drinks with friends. I think I’ve gained 5 pounds! Tonight we’re gathering with a few people one last time and cooking burgers at Pat’s on her new grill. So many people, too many to list, have helped us get to this point.

Special thanks to Pippen York. Jessica and Mark DeLeon for giving us a killer place to live while we were in transition. Adam and Mr. E at Express Lube gave Trent a temporary job. I was working non-stop at the Hospital Foundation during the week and at 4.0 Cellars on weekends. 4.0 Cellars, ahh I miss everyone already! To Jesse Barter, and all my new wine-o friends, you helped me make a ton of extra cash. My gig at 4.0 Cellars was just sweet. Amy Crenwelge, Melissa Staudt, Lisa Althaus, Josh Jenkins, Pat Schnee, Frank Greco, Keith Smith, Mary Bowen, and all our friends at the Hanger, thank you all for being there. We absolutely could not have done this without the love and support from Steve and Irmgard. And of course, we thank the good Lord for bringing us together and for giving us this opportunity.

Tomorrow we leave.

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