I’m Fresh Off the Boat

I’m Fresh Off the Boat

I am, literally, fresh off the boat, in more ways than one. I’ve been back in my home country since August 8th and am beginning to get back into the swing of things. There’s much news to tell. Trent and I are no longer seeing each other, for one. He’s back at home in Washington State while Pepper remains in St. Kitts and I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen to our salty little girl, or myself for that matter.
We had a once in a lifetime experience and I am thankful for every moment that I was part of the adventure. I can’t imagine that there are any other two people who lived together on a small sailboat who could have had more fun than us. But now that I’m back in small town USA, people are constantly asking if the reason we broke up was because we spent too much time together. To be honest, that wasn’t it at all. We had a phenomenal time together and worked very well as a team. We just had some other differences and I’m going to leave it at that.


Me and my favorite Ella, who is hanging out with the girls on a “sick” day from school.

I’m extremely fortunate that my parents have very recently semi-retired and now reside in my hometown, Fredericksburg, because they’ve welcomed me home with open arms. That’s right, I’m 32 years old, single, living with my parents and absolutely loving it. Mom and I share the cooking a little bit, which I enjoy. She has a nice, big kitchen, and the counters don’t even move. I’m proud to say that she’s become my most reliable gym partner too. It sure feels good to include a workout as part of my routine again. I’m driving their ranch truck around town when I need something other than my bike. It’s too easy to grab those keys and go; I’m in the truck more than I care to admit. The same goes for the amount of television I’ve been watching. Several years before becoming a liveaboard I chose to disconnect my cable because it makes me so unproductive. In fact, that’s probably the reason I haven’t found time to blog lately but perhaps I just needed a break to adjust to certain life changes.


The crew from Crossfit FBG after our workout on Labor Day. Mom is in white helping me hold up Karen.

My friends all want to know, what I’m going to do next. Well I have a pretty little rental property but have zero interest in moving there again. I think I’ll hold onto my freedom a little longer. For the time being, I’m working in the tasting room at 4.0 Cellars on the weekends. It was easy to jump back in at 4.0 and I’m not complaining about the perks. No more boxed wine for this girl! The family has generously filled my weekdays with me plenty of work at my Grandparent’s old house. I’m cleaning it out and will then put it on the market, for sale by owner, and do all the showings. I’m interested in real estate and this will be a good opportunity to see if I want to pursue another career, but a lot of things interest me at this point in time, so who knows. I have had some very tempting job offers but I’m not going to update my resume until I’m certain about where I want to be and what I want to do. As much as I love Fredericksburg, maybe I’ve outgrown it. One thing’s for certain, I’m just so lucky that I don’t have to rush into anything.


We’re working the patio bar at my weekend gig at 4.0 Cellars. Anyone for wine?

Speaking of freedom, I’m going to have to break down and get a cell phone when the house goes on the market. There’s just no way around that. I am still utilizing Skype and found a new function on Facebook messenger. Did you know you can make free phone calls to your friends from Facebook? It might take several months or longer to sell the property but I think by then I’ll know what’s next for me, Monica Rae. I may do some more traveling, just me, on my own next year. Then again, Captain Dan on Vagabond is always looking for crew. Only time will tell.


I went to meet Ella at school one day for lunch and my aunt sandra is trying to hang in there with her class of tiny humans, at St. Mary’s Catholic School.


This month has been filled with many sweet little reunions with long lost, but not forgotten, friends.


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  1. Donald Walls

    I’m at a loss for words. I do hope you remember me. My name is Don Walls, and me and my friend met y’all down in Florida, at the very beginning of your journey! I lost track of y’all, and often wondered how the trip was going. I was so jealous of y’all!! Well, I’m glad to know that you made it home safe!! Good luck in your future endeavors!! If you ever travel down South Louisiana, stop by!!

    • Monica

      I do remember you! I’m actually married and baby on the way. We had the time of our lives for sure. Thanks for your encouragement and I hope you’re doing well and are getting to experience the world too!!

  2. Steve Thompson

    I just want to say thanks, Monica, for so diligently sharing your adventure with all of us this last year that may never get to do what all you got to. I’m glad you’re home safe and sound and enjoying this time there in FBG with family and friends. I’ve since moved to Austin but drop in to Fredericksburg once in a while. I hope maybe we’ll cross paths again. I still like to drop in to the officers club when in town.. maybe see ya there.

    All the best,

  3. Flo & David Vannoy

    Wow…… what a surprise for us that you and Trent have gone separate ways. After meeting you guys here in SW Florida, we mentioned what a GREAT opportunity you have as young kids. We said…. GO and have fun !!! We nicknamed you guys, lovingly, as the “Boat Brats”.
    We’ve followed your blog and have enjoyed, and were amazed at all the places, people, opportunities and experiences you’ve immersed into…… things that so many of us would love to take on, but wonder if we could. But YOU DID !! We are sooooo proud of you both.
    As your lives take on a different perspective…. embrace and explore each avenue…. with GUSTO !!!
    Love & Hugs,
    Flo & David — Punta Gorda, FL

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