Fredericksburg, Once Again

Fredericksburg, Once Again

Being back in Fredericksburg was a bit surreal. I drove the Suburban over solo because my brother bought it (insert happy dance!) and I was ready to see everyone again. I had a hell-of-a-time!

I was picked up by my parents this morning and we drove up to Lubbock to meet my new baby niece. What a doll! Meanwhile, Trent went back to Washington to spend a week with his family too. The timing of all this was absolutely impeccable! It’s almost like we were being rewarded for kicking-butt on the boat that we were unexpectedly given the opportunity to see both our families and friends again.

We left town in June without saying too much about the boat plans to anyone. I was previously very immersed in my work and tight-knit community. After mentioning the plans to a few people I was immediately drowned out with people doubting our decisions, calling us crazy and giving me a thousand reasons why I can’t leave. We were hammered pretty hard. We overcame this by not talking about it at all and left town without saying many goodbyes.  I left feeling a bit guilty about not being more open and honest with friends.


Let’s go to Luckenbach, Texas!

With only a weekend in town I made the most of it and began making my rounds by 8 o’clock each morning. I was finally ready and excited to share our plans with the world. I mean, we actually pulled this off! I admit, part of the reason we kept to ourselves is that we didn’t want anyone to see us fail if it didn’t happen. Call us chicken or whatever you want but I think it’s just human nature. This was a HUGE leap. I still can’t believe we live on a boat, a freakin’ boat.

There was not one single nay-sayer this weekend. Surprisingly, people seem inspired and they told me so. Inspired. I half expected to go back home and have to once again defend our decisions, I really did. Living in Mobile at the marina we’ve been surrounded by like-minded people so we’re “normal” to our new neighbors. But to them we’re also probably the least interesting sailor couple at this point in time because we really haven’t done any actual traveling. To come back home and be asked to tell our story over and over again has reminded me how fortunate we really are. I was able to put some rumors to rest about our whereabouts too since we left in such a heist.


Our boat cards!

We have these new boat cards that I passed out to everyone. I completely ran out of them before even getting to Lubbock I was so proud of them. Since I monetized the blog I was super anxious to encourage our new fans to check us out and online. It’s a small way to make an attempt to stay in touch while making a little money, plus I am really enjoying it.

I had a blast in Fredericksburg but today was extra special too because I got to meet a new member of the family. Besides cuddling with Ellie, I’m looking forward to a week of chasing my super adorable, two year old nephew, Mason, around in the yard.

Those feeling of guilt when I left town are now long gone. And you know what else? I thought it would be hard to say goodbye to everyone all weekend but the experience back home was very uplifting and I feel encouraged and at peace with our decisions. Of course I miss my friends and family like crazy but now I’m really ready to get going. So many people are behind us now and I feel free as a bird. Bring it on!


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  1. Matt

    So glad this worked out, we got to see you, and Amanda and I got a car delivered to us in the process! We’re loving the suburban, such a smooth comfortable ride compared to what I’m used to. I really like mom’s idea of calling it salt xD because it’s white, related to the pepper, and we’re gonna be having my own adventures in it! Granted, much less grandiose adventures :-p

  2. Tammy Vasquez

    I love reading about your great adventures! It’s so rewarding to see what a free spirit you have and just knowing you are so happy brings a smile to my face.
    Many blessings,

    • Monica

      Tammy! Gosh I wish I could bring you with me. You too have an infectious smile and spirit about you! Thank you so much for following. It makes me happy! And I really appreciate the comments on the blog as I am trying to improve my SEO scores. 😉 Cheers!

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