Boatward Bound

Boatward Bound

Here I sit on an airplane, going back to our tiny floating home in Mobile, where Trent will be meeting me at the airport, somehow. I don’t know if he got a ride, took a taxi or borrowed a car. I know he’ll be there but how strange is it that we don’t own a vehicle anymore? I left the Suburban in Texas with my brother.

One nice thing about living aboard Pepper at a marina is that it’s been a slow acclimation to a completely new lifestyle. Little by little I’ve been introduced to being a true liveaboard. I mean, Pepper didn’t move at all the first month we moved aboard because there was so much work to be done. I had a mild freak out when we did finally take a trip and she keeled over for the first time, ever so slightly, but that’s beside the point.

My sister and her family just bought a new house and her in-laws are building a much larger home that’s within walking distance. I stayed a week in a luxurious hotel with a big, comfy bed all to myself, courtesy of my parents. It wasn’t until the end of the week though that I stopped pumping my foot below any and all bathroom and kitchen sinks for water (it’s a boat thing). I got plenty of strange looks from women in public facilities as I was left standing there feeling for the pedal like an idiot waiting with my hands under the facet for water.


Sleepy Aunt Monica


Mason is trying to be sweet.

So, we had a fantastic time together and spent it celebrating the tiny, precious and healthy life of baby Ellie. We cooked family meals (in a real kitchen!), laughed until our bellies hurt and binged on my brother-in-law, Jake’s, mouth watering chocolate chip cookies. He won’t hand over the recipe or I’d publish it for you. It was quality time, well spent, but I’m ready to get back to Trent. I take it as a good sign that I’m ready to be at the marina again after having a week of indulgence. I loved it though. I feel refreshed and even more content with our plans.

I haven’t at all noticed not having my own ground transportation, but I suppose that’ll hit me when I get to Mobile. We’re comfortable on the bikes and have made plenty of friends who have all offered us their vehicles until we push off for the last time. We’ve still got our iPhones turned on for the time being and haven’t totally figured out how that’s going to work yet. There’s WiFi at the marina which I’m pretty attached to but when we leave I will continue to write and post when we’re in port.

There’s really just a few little things left to figure out and we’re good to go. I can’t imagine what my take on this would be if I just jumped on a boat and left, not even knowing how to turn on the water faucet. I don’t think I’d be a real positive experience but who knows, people do it. The slow start to being a liveaboard suites me just fine because now I feel confident and ready.

I know that living on a boat is different but think about this. . . As long as there’s at least five and a half feet of water below us, our home can go everywhere I never thought I’d get to see. Those white sand beaches are calling my name. That thought still gets me. It’s exciting! I’ve realized how little I need to be happy and to live. Boatward bound!

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