It’s hard to believe we’re in Nassau! We’re not in the busy, busy port you’d probably go into if you were on a cruise or flying in because theft is really high and we hear the boat traffic is outrageous. I’d be scared to death to drive Pepper near a gigantic cruise ship. They might not see this little slow moving sailing vessel so we’re nestled in a fairly quiet anchorage in West Bay far from big city stuff, nonetheless, surrounded by mansions.

We hiked over to the snorkel park with our friends on La Luna. Reefs were marked with a trail of bouys. Underwater statues served as artificial reefs alongside the colorful coral ones. For every hundred underwater pictures we take I figure only one will turn out. Those are hard. As we crawled out of the water we were not so nicely greeted by an employee who asked us to fork over $10 a piece for admission because it’s not a public park. We were done snorkeling so we left. There’s only one little public beach that we’ve been allowed to play on; it’s in West Bay where we’ve been watching the sunset every night with our fellow cruisers. Last Tango is still hangin’ and we knew several others too. I can’t say enough how small the cruisers community is. It’s weird running into people that you met in another country and being neighbors with them again. Happens all the time! It gives me a great sense of comfort knowing that they’ll look after Pepper when we dinghy away to play.

Back from snorkeling, we decided it was past due time to do our much dreaded laundry. It’s been several weeks since we’ve been able to slide quarters into a washing machine. That’s a luxury I surely do miss but wouldn’t trade. With one 5 gallon bucket we filled it halfway with water and added a little soap, swishing a few pieces of clothes around at a time, thoroughly ringing them out and setting those aside. Then we dump the dirty water out (in the cockpit to rinse it out too) and fill it with clean water again, repeat the cycle as the other person hangs clothes on the lifelines to dry in the sun. Everything on a boat takes at least three times as long. The view while doing the chore was fantastic. We then ate some pizza (homemade of course) and jumped in the water again to celebrate our chores being done. The wind is a bit chilly still here but the sun shower sure was warm. Heck of a day!

Tomorrow we sail out of West Bay, with La Luna and Last Tango, to the Exuma Islands! Stretching for over 130 miles, the 365 islands and cays are ours for the next few weeks. It’s supposed to be the most spectacular spot for sailing in all of the Bahamas, not to mention safe and picturesque. There are anchorages every few miles but marinas are hard to come by (I think I read there are only 10). That being said, I don’t expect to find internet too often or if at all, boo. I’ll take lots of pictures and report back as often as I can. So long Nassau.



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